Template Passport Passport Template Editable In Templates 2019. These changes are of particular importance to those who are renewing or obtaining an Ohio DL-ID prior to the November 2018 elections or those who travel frequently.

According to the Ohio BMV website, “Customers will go to a Deputy Registrar agency for DL-ID card renewal or other transaction(s) and will have the option to choose a Compliant DL-ID or a Standard DL-ID. The two options will require different identity documents.”

A Compliant DL-ID meets national travel security requirements and is a federally compliant form of identification that will be required to fly commercially or to access federal facilities or military bases in 2020. Obtaining a Compliant card requires more identity documents than the Standard Card.

A Standard Card does not meet national travel security requirements and will have to be used in conjunction with a passport or other acceptable documents approved by TSA.

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Read about and access a list of acceptable documents for the Compliant DL-ID Card and the Standard DL-ID Card.