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New Ohio ID Coming

As of July, 2, 2018 the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles will introduce its new Driver License and Identification Card.

The Driver License and Identification Card will have a new look with greater security features and identity protection for customers. All new driver license and ID cards will be received by mail about 10 days after you renew or apply at a Deputy Registrar agency. New federal travel restrictions requiring secure identification go into effect October 2020. Ohio is offering two ID options: Compliant or Standard cards.

A Compliant ID meets national travel security requirements giving someone the ability to fly commercially or to access federal facilities or military bases. Obtaining a Compliant card requires more identity documents than the Standard Card. You will need to provide documents to prove the following: full legal name, DOB, social security, proof of residency and legal presence.

A Standard ID does not meet national travel security requirements. It will need to be used alongside a passport or other acceptable documentation approved by the Transportation Security Administration, in order to fly commercially or to access a federal facility or military base. The Standard card does not require additional identity documents, unless it is being issued for the first time.

Be sure to stop by our conveniently located Deputy Registrar in Downtown Cincinnati at 138 East Court Street starting July 2nd to get your new ID! If you have any other questions, be sure to visit for more information.

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